FG to pretend to care about the Nigeria at 50 spending.

Posted on October 7, 2010


The Federal Government committee on “Pretending to Probe” (PoP) has declared their intention to pretend to enforce transparency and flaunt unaccountability in the face of Nigerians. In an exclusive interview with 567b4b4, the chairman of the committee, Mr. Akowoje, said they have heard the call to duty by the Nigerian people and that it is their responsibility to spend more money to pretend to care about the money that has already been spent.
“After all,” he continued, “somebody has to take the bold step of doing the pretending. It’s the burden we bear for national security.”

The interview ended when Dr. Alhaji Barawo his deputy chair, came in to announce that their lunch of N 2 billion has been served. 567b4b4 and other journalists were not invited.

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