Breaking News:Bribe Genes found in Nigerian politicians

Posted on October 20, 2010


 Green genes

A new research conducted by the Institute of Technology in Boston Massachussets has confirmed the presence of a bribery gene in Nigerian politicians. Speaking to journalists after the conclusion of the project that has been on since 1979, chief scientist Mabel Effingham disclosed that the particular gene, also referred to for the purpose of the research as the KumChop gene, was recently isolated in the Nigerian genome for the very first time. “It is as old as the country itself,” she said, “but we noticed that its mutation must have really begun between 1960 and 1966. We can’t say for sure.” She continued, “After studying the said gene under the specially built microscope and other equipments, we can tell you for sure what it looks like: the figure of a dead frog with a bloated tummy.”

This has introduced a new dimension into the legal dynamics of prosecuting politicians, another commentator said. “If something is in the DNA, it’s not like you really have control over it or how it affects you,” he said, unwilling to have his name quoted. “It is not by choice, he said. It’s only a natural thing.”

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