Internet V. Emeagwali

Posted on November 8, 2010


Mr. Emeagwali declares that the internet was adopted after all.

In a press conference yesterday, the celebrated mathematician and first-born son of Nigeria says he is not the real father of the internet. He explained to the Nigerian press that he adopted the struggling boy in an American orphanage and made him into the amazing tool that we all enjoy today. It was a surprising declaration since the internet declared yesterday that Mr. Emeagwali was not his father.

No one knows who is telling the truth.

The Nigerian government in an attempt to mediate the conflict had brought a paternity suit against Mr. Emeagwali on the Maury show. The press had been waiting for the Maury declaration until Mr. Emeagwali called this press conference.

The internet has not commented on this development.


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