Nigerian charges against the Devil

Posted on December 6, 2010


Goodluck Jonathan has charged the devil for the inhumane treatment of the Nigerian populace and acts of corruption against the members of the Nigerian Government. In Abuja yesterday, member of the National news corps were told of the presidential office’s major struggle with the evil one. An arrest warrant was produced to arrest Satan and make him pay for all his crimes.

He had refused our attempts to interview him at first. He made many unkept appointments with us but instead he would send one of his evil minions. However, he finally capitulated this morning by agreeing to a phone interview. When he was informed that there is an arrest warrant out for him, he laughed maniacally, muttering, “They (Interpol) cannot even arrest Asange not to talk of the creator of hell”. When asked about his location, he said his address is very popular and everyone knows where he lives since his banishment thousands of years ago. When asked to provide the directions to Hell, he retorted cheekily “Isn’t Hell on goggle map?”. The interview ended in a puff of smoke and our reporter has been blinded ever since.

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