Breaking News: WikiTweaks!

Posted on December 16, 2010


Wikileaks has successfully changed the projection of our world; even the Stars complained about a recent document detailing how brightly they shine at night. They feel as if they are no longer as safe as they can be. The effects of the recent phenomenon on Nigeria cannot be overstated. Late last evening, members of the Nigerian press corps received the leaked document titled “an evaluation of Nigeria”. The document contained a scathing evaluation of various Nigerian leaders and their historical effect on the Nation.  The major conclusion was thus: “The majority of Nigerian presidents were corrupt during their rule”. It was shocking news. No one knows how the populace will not-react to this information. It is anyone’s guess what the repercussion of the information will have on the Nigerian stock market and economy as a whole. A secret source notified our Editors that members of the Nigerian finance committee are meeting presently to determine the course of Inaction that must occur to combat recent developments.

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